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I don’t know about you, but I think 2014 has kind of been a rough start. It’s been all about germs (some undiagnosed) and painful temps. Nothing seems to be able to shake the karma so I’m hoping a quick jaunt to Florida will do the trick. This picture is the essence of happiness in my life and I can’t wait to (hopefully) replicate it!

So – food wise. Our menu planning is all about keeping things light and easy this week. Light because in less than one week I’m back in a swimsuit in FL (yikes!) and easy because, well, there is nothing easy about prepping for a flight with a toddler, ha! Major deep breath. Ok, here we go: 

Sunday I’m going to try and be sneaky and serve this delicious looking recipe to M. I’m hoping quinoa piled high with cheese and homemade guacamole will take away the fact that he is in fact eating quinoa. Sorry M, you’re going to be in a swimsuit too.

Monday let’s go with this quick dinner: italian sausages and peppers over arugula. Did you see that post? It’s killer good, easy, and so customizable. I’ll be eating chicken sausages while the boys go with the super manly traditional ones.

We need a soup this week! I’ve fallen in love with this lemony chicken and orzo from Bon Appetit. Love the zest of lemon and pop of fresh herbs.

Wednesday M flies off to the Big Apple so I’m on my own. I’ve been dying to try these honey chipotle chicken bowls and it just wouldn’t go over with M, so time to cook whatever I want. Perfect for lunch leftovers.

Thursday we will reunite with M at his dad’s for dinner. Yeah for visiting Grandma Ginger and Grandad and YIPPEE for picking up the keys for the Florida house! We are. out. of. here.

Friday I’m quite certain we will be down to no food in the house and I will be doing last minute packing and prep for our trip. Lou’s take out it is.

The blog will continue to roll along when we’re gone. Be sure to follow us on Facebook  for fun updates! Also my darling sister Allie will be guest posting. I hope to also have a few more fun surprises lined up for you.

That’s our week – what’s going on with yours?


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  1. Yep, that chipotle chicken salad is definitely going on my menu this week – for lunch too because my husband wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole!

    Jealous of your soon to be in sunny warm weather!!
    Biz recently posted…I am blessed.My Profile

  2. My week won’t be as exciting since I’m NOT packing for FL.
    Tomorrow night is leftover black bean & sweet potato chili w/corn muffin tops. Will do Mark Bittman’s unstuffed cabbage (ground turkey) on Tuesday so leftovers on Thursday. Found a good recipe for spicy shrimp soup for Weds and I’ll add some noodles for a tasty healthy meal.
    My week’s planned. You’ve got me meal planning. What an accomplishment!

  3. Catherine says:

    Wow, great line up will put the quinoa and lazy guacamole and the honey chicken on my list! So happy for your trip! It is definitely time to get out of the cold


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